Elegant hear sound

From time to time the distance, warm a world of mortals story.

I sat in the window, listening to the snow outside. The snow is long scenery, quiet world, only to hear the heart in the spread of memories, thoughts like branches but not moving snow, and on cable into the dust. Outside the window the snow flying in, stunning sky diffuse to the world, a wisp of cool arrogance, no in between heaven and earth and the graceful dance, staggered lingering fall into the dust, the Jade Snow, is static beauty hubbub, ethereal beautiful. Also move also static, let the heart away from earthly, as if he is a snowflake, no mind, the mind is so clear and transparent. From the days come and go with the wind, a Qing Huan, fluttered and plain fleeting.

'green ants new grains wine, red small stove. Late day to snow, can drink a cup of no 'let me use the red small stove warm, twist a bustling place to read. Listen to the silent world of snow, a large static. Through the cold storage in love, let the heart at the moment. The vast snow, make the earth now grey-haired. We indulge in the years ahead, in each other's eyes or face green. A dust heart in half, now can wear even with snow. In another place and time, and who like me in front of the window the snow, like a lonely lonely heart, with snow falling in the dust together, let all the hustle and bustle, becoming light if no trace at.

The snow is so light, falling to the earth but is so thick, she embraces all things. If the snow drifted to the heart, let all worry precipitation - at the moment. Those unreal obsession, has been with the snow in the wind. Beautiful dream, let oneself after a snow cleaning things, a belief, in the edge of the deep reason is shallow, the left is left to go to the. Let a tolerant and open-minded Qingning own world. A warm cup of tea, a pot of wine, in the snow days, heart beating, snow fall tranquility.

The earth is like a way in, you should write what time? This need not say too many words, because at the moment seems so feeble. Only with a calm heart in this snow allure, light pen ink a Shi Qing huan. Just like those little birds, in the snow on a bamboo, a plum, a piece of a flower fresh and elegant, in this glass like world from printed into a tree, then let the flower that leaves open your heart.

Listen to snow in the wind, from time to time the distance, warm a red story, there was me and you.

mercredi 18 décembre 2013 03:45


In autumn, people busy, hope, waiting for the one wearing elegant cheongsam beauty woman walked with light footsteps. Let people try to stop but cannot, silly.

I love autumn, enjoy the autumn. The annual autumn came, I should have read the autumn, autumn, autumn, autumn sentiment.

Many poets have compared to the sad autumn, synonymous with sadness. In my eyes, autumn is always so sentimental, amazing. The shallow moon, that a cool wind, are so elegant gentle, quiet quiet, no one don't love. Any one during the fall, can go together "Pik Wan days, and can be spliced out", "autumn even wave, the wave Hanyan cui".

Read the autumn, I was in tears.

Autumn is the artist with the most strong color drawing landscape painting, thick, charming. Deep yellow, dark red is the main. Autumn is an indispensable is the foliage, chrysanthemum, view product gui. Tuantuan that flaming chrysanthemums pixel Ya faithful beauty, charming and impressive, fresh and elegant, experience "picking chrysanthemums Dongli, leisurely Nanshan see" calm, hermit proudly. Affectionate Maple stands on the tree, to make stained storied, decorate as thin yellow hill, the wind blowing through the breeze, flying all over the sky, colorful, brilliant. Strolling in the autumn moonlight is not much, if any, elegant, sweet scented osmanthus latent nostrils, Xiangpiao lung, gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind.

Autumn, I always forget yourself.

Bathed in the autumn moonlight, a picturesque, delude one to folly. Sultry autumn would bring back good memories, scene reproduction, let a person palpitating with excitement eager to do sth., will people leisurely into the sweet dreams. In the clear autumn day, always have a good mood, taste the deep autumn. Sundowners when autumn, autumn is so high that, lively. Hold a cup of Chrysanthemum Tea, reveling in their artistic conception, the hearts will be added a bit of calm, lofty, open-minded.

Goods in autumn, I will be quiet as jade.

Life hurry, suddenly had a late autumn, ushered in another early autumn. The young girl into years sentimental woman, now a mature crow's feet in her face, the United States and evolved into rough brave clank man. However, many of the story is not staged was over, just wait for the next reincarnation. Life, what is the souvenir that casual glance, still cherish the light so long?

lundi 02 décembre 2013 03:19

the way to remember it.

In the afternoon , and a classmate side walk to the supermarket . En route, she suddenly walked up to me on the other side , bend over, and then frantically raised a dollar , mouth said excitedly: " ! Ah , I picked up a dollar ha ha ...... "

30 seconds later, she said: " I ​​picked up the biggest money is 100, How about you do you have picked up over money ? ? ' I said:" I've seen money on the road, but I did not pick up too . "

I walked to the supermarket to buy things their respective needs , from the supermarket have also forgotten just talk about the topic Jianqian . And said with a smile back to the hostel .

Indeed, I did not pick up any money , but I've seen other people on the road had lost money on the road , more than once , since I was in school , I have seen do not know how many times .     In high school the last time such a thing in the morning before the entrance for some time, go out to eat a breakfast and classmates from school , she was there waiting for people to give us fried stuff , I buy porridge, porridge away from the language ( selling porridge shop ) about 50 meters where some money lying on the ground , there are a few volumes together , still ahead of thirty-four one dollar dropped to the ground , from which I was so close, but I did not pick up, not without the courage to pick up, but my heart tells me should not pick up unless I have the ability to put it returned.

In fact , I've also had encountered such a thing in the way of money , no matter how little , have never reached out to pick up . Why not pick up, because if I pick up there is no way to return it to the owner, put it in his pocket or consume it himself , conscience and make life difficult for me , so I simply do not pick up . I'd rather it was blown away , get wet rain , covered by sand or sun tan has faded colors ...... As for the future there is no one picked it up , I do not know , maybe , maybe not, as I and my classmates who represents the two approaches. But anyway , it 's destiny and I are no longer relevant . I did not pick it up , but did not share the things I did not belong , at least I can make my own mind comfortable.

All that being said , I am certainly not saying how high the quality , but not to say that people who pick it up on the part of immoral people . In fact , they have continued the inanimate life goes on this bill , let it be in circulation in the market , or at least make the country less at some stage of the banknote printing .

Writing this article , I'm not saying how noble morality , nor want some sun drying in front of me how stupid, just by one topic throws some of my memories, some of the feelings , the way to remember it.

vendredi 29 novembre 2013 05:15

A snow rhyme

Days , the winter Buddha belly bulging September pregnant , sowed smile , carrying colorful sleeping bags , stepping Once upon a jaunty step in swinging blind . Suddenly he admitted the pace , look around , and then tear the mouth sleeping bag , sleeping bag raised too high , heaven and earth upside down , tossed around , sleeping bag and slept for a long time dream of angels , coincidentally stumbled ran out. Pushed back before owned , clouds , descending Where on earth. Then , suddenly, turned into a colorful snowflake blossoming posture with a dandelion feelings drift throughout the world , flying dance ......


A snow rhyme

Two Oriole Ming Cui Liu , egrets on the sky .

Xiling Snow Chiaki windows , doors Wu Wanli ship mooring .

Fei Xu -like , ordinary snow, north and south, from paving sky , appeared in the valley forests, waterside pavilions ; Gap in secluded valleys ; wilderness in the plains , fields, drenched shores , bridges and people ......

In cold sleepless night , in the glow of the morning show , naughty snow drift in the pedestrian shoulders , perched hair, stop eyelashes, over the cheeks, drilling beautiful clothing Jingbo yard, too chilly , you have me , I have you , with a dream of angels give us hope, blessings and wishes, lightly our dreams .

Snow was heavy , like Magic Pen Ma Liang cast in indulge sway , enchant the world of this colorful scene . Look, that snow regiment , snow fence , snow house , snow floor , snow , snowy , snow, white expanse of earth covered wedding dress , adding to the whole nature and lighted deep snow rhyme . Moonlight shines, snow night Ambilight. I do not know who lit a fire cage , a few people sitting around warming himself . Warm fireworks , lighting up their dry rough hands , lit up their faces frozen crimson , also lit up the eyes of their jokes . Next to a pile snowman , a nose with eyes , like in the much-anticipated , looking for food . A distance, like the white panda shrugged daughter , prostrate on the ground, looking to play.


I do not know when, the snow began to melt, riverbank floating on the water with some plum petals, frozen spring tide surging over the brook . Creek singing cheerful songs before the trip, ducks leisurely paced Fangbu , tip of the visitors ( birds ) drunkenly in the snow gliding , butterflies dance Pina flowers , stones, grass , leaves , twigs whisper , intimacy for Tan ; pine body bulging Xuerun icicles nervously looked around ......

Who is the Snowy Night ? Distant , a rapid metro hooves sounded in the snow , I thought I saw , a white horse laden with sunset ride all the way from, it suddenly close enough to pause, SILK CUT , Pina , if fleeting . The cold winds blow , it saith hoof , head , jumped up , piercing shouts . In my mind there is a voice shouting : White - Horses - Xiao - West - Wind ! Thirty fame dust


lundi 11 novembre 2013 10:28

To the autumn

Although here is subtropical, but I still from the blue sky and white clouds to read your message. The blue sky clean bright, white clouds in the leisurely, ambiguously still has the charm of zero north that gold wind up early, white dew.
Always, I Xin Yang you comfortable vision, far more than the spring impetuous noisy. Since the childhood reading primary school, I love after the summer vacation, the campus grass deep serenity. The end of the summer is near, you're extremely mature luxuriant forest, happy with everything. The clear sky thousands of miles, to spike fruitful autumn bluegrass, all in you that elegant skirt peacefully found a home. Then, you use that Huang Ju, red leaves, wild geese, autumn insects, like the universe with implicit elegant autumn; so the leaves from green and yellow and Xiao Xiao fall, Luhua feibai, Fenglin dyed red, a mat and pillow cool, plus three days five days Xiao Xiao rain, then even the sparse forest weeds are the autumn sound!

You remember you with those complex and changeful years I spent. In those years, I in the lonely village, sent the hopeless moment, you took the philosopher's understanding, to comfort me deep in the heart of desolation. You let me taste of loneliness in the quiet, no hope of peace; and that many of the Tang poem, are you clear wisdom under the guidance, one one into my little sentimental heart. You taught me how to use the lonely boring moment, discover the potential of life, to find the lost self.

You must also remember......
You receive a gorgeous spring and summer prosperity, you also receive a wayward spring and summer it; you receive the life from the beginning of Juvenile Jian initiation, to mature, all kinds of trouble, during this period of struggle, disappointment, anxiety, resentment and sorrow; you also contain their joy, elation, victory, harvest and blessing. You tell me: the process of life is doomed by the agitation to Ann, the magnificent to simple, brainstorm all emotional will pass, all color noise vanish. If you love life, you should not afraid to taste. Because on this day, tall tree, come, everything will return to earth, disappear in that a distant deep umber. To sink in the autumn of the earth, to enjoy the life final victory, to sing the life true victory!

Life is not empty, it is as thick earth general real and concrete. Therefore, you should persist in grasping time, indulge when addicted, clear limit.


vendredi 01 novembre 2013 03:42


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